Dripping Springs, 4/10-5/10/2009

Morning Bull

Morning Bull

There's probably going to be a lot of critters this year - flowers, critters and just the scenery are all reasons to dig out the new camera. I've reduced all the shots in size to make them practical for the web - but blow them up to really appreciate them :)


04/14/09 - went out for a little explore today and found this need tree in the middle of the road just about lunch time so we decided it would be a great place to stop for our picnic. We took advantage of the stone all alongside the road and had a munch.

There's a "development" - that's a Texas size development meaning places with acres - lots of acres, don't see mean houses, but the roads just run in and out of the hills and it's a real fun place to ride.

This tree, as I recall, is on Mt Sharp Rd.


04/15/09 - As I turned onto the 165 Loop this morning the sky lit up with golden hue so I figured I'd see if I could capture it. I'm still playing with how to do the various adjustments on the new camera (I'm trying to get off of Auto and actually learn how to play with the shots and get different effects) so this came out a little light on the colors that were there, but it's still a pretty sunrise :))

One of the mornings when I actually got out in time to enjoy it. I start out with good intentions every morning, but it seems I'm always a little late getting out the door :( Maybe I need to stop getting hung up working in the morning and save work for after my walk.


04/22/09 - Well there are a ton of pictures between this one and the last one above, but nothing worth sharing. I take 20 or 30 shots and then find one that I actually like.

This ones claim to fame is that it was the first time I spotted a deer on my morning walk. So this is my "first deer" and actually it's my first deer family - the later shots caught the rest of the just out of side in the woods in this shot. But, it was the first shot, so it get's the place of honor :)

Perdenales State Park

04/23/09 - Perdenales State Park

We rode over to the park today and had a picnic and walked down to the falls. The drought here has really had an impact on the water table and everywhere we ride we can see the difference. Lots of spots where there was water flowing last year have dried up this year.

The falls were still flowing, but there was a lot less water than last year. But we did walk down to the falls again and Sheila did real good on the walk.

I didn't have my remote for the camera yet, so this is another set the camera and run back to get in the picture - but hopefully it's the last one. I have a new tripod and a remote now :))

Deer On The Hoof

04/26/09 - Blow this one up to really appreciate it - there was a whole family out in the field and this was one of the young ones that I caught heading for the trees. It was early and very overcast so low on light and I got a slightly grainy effect to the picture that I thought was kind of interesting.

This was on the loop during my morning walk.


04/27/09 - you know those big birds that you see alongside the road cleaning up the road kill. They're called turkey buzzards because of the red on their head that makes them look similar to turkeys. We had a few visit the park the other day and I got this shot of one of them as he was flying by.

Blow it up and you can get up close and personal with him. They're actually pretty birds when they get air borne but they sure look clunky on the ground.

Fredericksburg, Tx

05/02/09 - We went for a ride with Joe and Lucinda on the back roads and cow paths ending up evenutally in Fredericksburg. This shot was after lunch. The original plan had been to take some shots along the way, there were several places where I would have liked to stop, but there was a big charity ride going on and there were just too many bikes out for me to be able to stop. The roads we're riding are very narrow and the only place to stop is on the road. With bikes going by both ways it just wasn't in the cards.

We've got plans to take another ride during the week when we'll have the road pretty much to our selves and I'll get some more pictures then :)) For now you'll have to take my word for it - it was a great ride. We went by Enchanted Rock - really impressive rock formations and once you see them it's easy to understand why they were sacred rocks to the indians.


05/03/09 - I'm really fascinated by the reflections of things on the water and so I'm starting a "Reflections" folder to keep a collection of my pictures in that category. This one in one of many that I've taken of the pond in front of the house I call the Castle on the loop where I go for my morning walk (see below).  Here's one of a reflection in a small heart shaped puddle :))

Reflections In A Puddle

The Castle

05/04/09 - The Castle

I don't know why this ended up being the Castle instead of the Mansion, but somehow it did last year when I first saw it, so the name just stuck. It's a huge place and on a huge property. Big electric gate, a couple other, service entrance type gates, etc.

If you blow it up and look at the pond you can see where the water line is normally. As I said earlier, the drought has dropped the water level everywhere. We've had some rain while we've been here, but nowhere near enough to bring the water up to where it was last year.

This pond is a favorite of mine for taking reflections. On still mornings it's just like a mirror as you can see from the shots I took this morning.

Lunch - Wimberly

05/06/09 - we decide to go for a ride into Wimberly for luch and then come home the back way (which is wandering through the hills:)) - There's a resturant right past the creek bridge and they have outside seating which we really like. Here's a shot of the view from our table. And below is one of the waiter - click to blow it up -

Tree Face


Creek Road

05/06/09 - this shot was on the ride home. We ran up through the mountains (I was getting to the point where I sort of knew my way around) and this shot was on Creek Road near the end of the ride.

I really like the old buildings and there are a lot of them here in the hill country. Next year we'll see if we can get more pictures of them. This one was in a good place to stop and set up the tripod for a shot of the two of us :)) Of course klutz that I am, I discovered how delicate that small tripod is - 11-1/2" folded up and around 48" extended - so it's pretty small. I broke one of the legs, so we'll need to get a replacement along the way. For now I'm using the old one again.

The Gang

05/09/09 - it's our last day, we head north tomorrow and we wanted to get one more ride in with Joe and Lucinda, so we started out early and headed for the Willow City Loop. We had done it last year and it was one of our favorites, and turns our Joe & Lucinda had never been on it before so it was a great ride. Below is a shot of the view behind the bikes ;))

The View

The Cliffs

By now you should know my fondness for rock formations, so when we came upon these on our ride I had to stop and get a shot of them. You'll need to blow this one up to see the columns and details, I left it a littl larger so you'd be able to see them.

And of course we had to get a flower or two for the honey - below